As the medical industry changes, employers are faced with demanding and often difficult decisions about how to provide coverage for their respective work groups. Protect your business and reward your key employees by choosing the executive benefits plan best for you.

1. Salary Deferral
 a. 401(k) Overlay Plans, Defined Contribution Plans, Defined Benefit Plans

2. Split Dollar
 a. Split dollar plans allow you to provide benefits with a low cost to the employees with the potential for your business to recoup the costs.

3. Deferred Compensation
 a. Deferred compensation plans offer the flexibility to save additional money towards retirement to provide salary continuations after retirement.

4. Executive Bonus Plans
 a. Instead of paying a cash bonus to you or your employee, you ca use the bonus to purchase a life insurance policy that can provide impressive benefits for both the business and the employee.

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Executive Carve-Out Plans

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